All You Need To Know About Franchising SEO On A National Level All You Need To Know About Franchising SEO On A National Level

If you are the owner of a franchise company or even a multiple-location business, then the importance of search engine optimization cannot be stressed enough.  Unfortunately, search engine optimization presents with a variety of problems and challenges for the company.  The truth of the matter is that millions of companies are promoting their businesses online and competing for online exposure.  Oddly enough, using corporate backing with franchise visibility is not always the most beneficial option when working with local SEO issues.
So, what can be done to improve online search engine optimization rankings?

In truth, there are various things that a person can do to increase a company’s online visibility.  This article will provide information on the top five factors you should be aware of when looking at franchise-based SEO.

A great deal of the work lies in the realm of content marketing, and this is the area you should focus on; however, the majority of sites do continue to deal with inaction from previous SEO campaigns.  If this is the case, it is recommended that you address the inaction immediately.  As a content marketing website with mobile content, it is important to dominate online visibility and ensure traditional SEO tactics do not hamper your SEO progress.

1.  The Website SEO Problems Franchises Must Be Aware Of

According to July’s SEMrush article, SEO franchises will typically experience the problems discussed below.  It is important that you review these issues and focus on these things being cautious of the effect of the consequence.  Why?  Because the issue can account for some of the negative SEO results influencing search engine visibility.  The SEO problems include the presentation of duplicate content, interlinking on the website, and domain health with risks.

• Duplicate Content
The bottom line to consider when developing and running a profitable website is the use of original content on each page rather than duplicate content being republished continuously.  While duplicate content can be far more convenient, it can be detrimental to local SEO.  This is particularly true when working on location pages and it is recommended that you view location pages as mini-websites filling them with rich content.

• Interlinking On The Website
Regarding the issue of interlinking, it is important to examine on-page SEO and remove unnecessary interlinking.  Once this is performed, it is necessary to do a backlink audit to ensure all content on the site is up to snuff.  If you have all the resources required to complete this audit, it is possible to perform the audit.  If you do not have resources, however, it may be better to hire an SEO professional to complete the SEO audit.

Unfortunately, high quality SEO professional services are not cheap, and the average price of a well-known professional SEO audit will be two or three thousand dollars.  This is if you have a small website and larger sites with lots of backlink clutter will be far more expensive.
It is possible to complete some of the auditing yourself and avoid the vast expense; however, this can take time and effort.  A good place to begin for a new SEO auditor is the 2014 Moz link audit guide.

2.  Making Progress With Mobile Websites

Once the website has been cleared and all issues regarding backlinks have been managed, you may wonder how the website can increase in popularity.  The answer is by using mobile services.  According to Search Engine Land, there are various methods available for good franchise SEO localization.  The common methods include capturing mobile users, encouraging the use of customer reviews, and the clearing of directory listings.
As the years progress, it is seen that the aim of SEO localization is capturing mobile users.  In October, reports indicated that mobile website searches completely surpassed the desktop searches across the globe.  Statistics indicated that over 50% of all website search enquiries came from mobile platforms including smart phones and tablets.
A further tip for capturing mobile users offered by Search Engine Land in February was to localize with intent.  This refers to the presentation of original H1 and H2 titles on the website pages; as well as, using specific URLs that are SEO-friendly.  These are positive aspects to consider when looking at content marketing efforts.  Both will need to be achieved and maintained for the website to receive high levels of organic search engine visibility.

3.  The Use Of Location Pages For Franchises

In June, a guide was released on Business 2 Community’s blog teaching people how to run location pages for franchises.  It stated that a website must be correct to the website topic, the site must address the brand’s online footprint, the location page must be optimized, the business listings must be calibrated, and the franchise locations must be leveraged for success to be experienced.
When drafting location pages for franchises, it is crucial that you provide the search engine with detailed and accurate information.  This has become even more crucial with Google My Business pages and the growing use of mobile desktop searches.  Google is taking into account all types of location-specific data when analyzing a search made for a particular company; however, the more information provided, the better the website will do and the more leads you will receive.

4.  The Business Listings Obtained For Franchises

When discussing business listings, it is important to speak about the basic information provided including the following:
– company name- address- phone number- operating hours
These items of information are known as the “big four” because they are the pieces of data that Google wishes to see consistently.  The reason for this is that the customer will demand quick access to them.  In many times, the customer will type the words in a business-specific format making it a strong signal for business information.  Unfortunately, not many companies track their listings online, and this should be done to help gain information on customers.  Tracking information is known as a NAP listing or Name Address Phone Number listing.
The NAP listing can be managed a step further to gain property information in local SERPs or search engine results pages.  For more information, it is recommended that you read this article I completed on SERP stacking a few months ago.

5.  Leveraging The Franchise Model For SEO

When performing SEO tactics, it is essential that you are not duplicating efforts and wasting resources.  Why spend all day on a single franchise media campaign when another franchise completed the same tasks the day before?  To avoid this problem, it is recommended that you consolidate SEO efforts to unlock the power of networking and not waste time that could be spent on other tasks.